Traditional & Natural Burials

Direct Cremation

A traditional burial involves the internment of a body, usually in a deep grave at a cemetery or churchyard. Cemeteries tend to be located away from churches whilst a churchyard is either in the grounds of the church or very nearby.

If you choose a traditional burial, you can still be creative and personalise your funeral. There are still a wide range of choices of transport, coffins, service location and regarding what you would like to happen around the graveside. Music could be played, readings or poetry can be read, toasts made and personal tributes may be spoken. A combination of traditional and more modern elements within a funeral may be appealing when someone has a diverse group of family and friends.

You can be buried without a religious service taking place, however for a burial in a church graveyard on consecrated land (land which has been declared sacred by the church) a Church of England service will usually be required.

Cemeteries tend to have a more modern look and feel. A number of cemeteries are non-denominational, and so most types of funeral service or ceremony can be conducted there. However, there are some which do have separate areas for different religious groups.

Natural or Woodland Burial Ground

Natural and Woodland Burial Grounds are becoming a more popular place to be buried. In essence, the body is buried less deep than in a traditional burial and is able to decompose in a more environmentally manner. In many cases a tree, shrub or flowers are planted on, or near, the burial site.

In the majority of natural burial grounds only biodegradable coffins and memorials are accepted. In some burial grounds it is not possible to plant individual trees on plots, however, the environment around is natural and the serene space allows for quiet reflection. Some natural burial sites use flat wooden plaques with a basic inscription or there may be a separate memorial garden where stone inscriptions can be arranged.

As with any burial, it is possible to have the service at the graveside or in a separate location prior to (or after) the burial. The service could be conducted by a religious or non-religious celebrant or by friends and family. Some Natural Burial Grounds have their own venue where services can be held.

If you are interested in a natural burial then we would suggest that you visit your local site, where you will also be able to ask questions of the managers who run the site. We are sure that on your visit you will be taken in by the spectacular surroundings and the peaceful environment!

If you would like more information about natural burial grounds, please contact us to discuss the sites and the options available.