Other Ideas

Aftercare-Services want to make sure that you, and your loved ones, have all their wishes met on the day of the funeral and we work tirelessly to help you to create a true reflection of the person who has died.

There are many additional options that you can add to the funeral in order to make the day unique and individual to the person who has died, and we are happy to go over any of these with you. Or, if you have alternative ideas, please discuss these with us and we can work together to achieve the day you want.

Other ideas for you to consider include:

  • Memorial books – to have completed at your wake location
  • Balloons – to add a personal message and release at your chosen location
  • Photograph boards – a selection of photographs at your wake location
  • Memorial pictures – choose a picture / pictures to have backed and have mourners leave their memories before having it framed
  • Enlarged photographs – for the church / crematorium / wake
  • Finger print keepsakes – to keep loved ones close. These range from jewellery to paperweight items
  • Ashes keepsakes – ranging from teddy bears, jewellery and keyring
  • Headstones / grave markings / trees – specific designs for the individual
  • Flags – sporting teams / military / personalise – to lie over the coffin and keep after the funeral
  • Web broadcasts / DVD’s of the service – used when family / friends are unable to attend
  • Funeral photography – Something very different and a unique part of the memorial
  • Memory tables – To display the fond memories people may want to share
  • Singers / groups / bands – to sing during the service of at the wake. Choose a style that was favoured by the individual
  • Funeral Entertainment – Again, something very different and unique for wake entertainment including magicians and jazz bands