Funeral Costs Explained

Understanding funeral costs will help you to make the decisions that are right for you and your family during the funeral planning process and enables you to identify where you feel your money is best spent.


Funeral costs are a combination of:

  • Funeral Director’s (professional) Fees
  • Ancillary or discretionary costs
  • Third party costs

Funeral director’s (professional) fees

These are the costs paid to us as the funeral director for our time and support with the funeral. This fee includes collecting the person who has died (in working hours), looking after people while they are in our care, any time spent with you arranging the service and the coordinating and directing of the funeral on the day.

Ancillary or discretionary Costs

These will vary from funeral to funeral and are dependent on your own personal preferences. These include coffin choice, vehicles, flower selection, any memorial items / keepsakes or ashes urns. These will be decided during the funeral planning process and then generally arranged on your behalf. A selection of these (with prices) are available here.

Third party costs

These are unavoidable costs that are paid to other people involved in the funeral. For a more accurate estimate of the total costs of any funeral, you should add approximately £1,000 for cremation. This involves the crematorium fee (these fees are variable depending upon which council the crematorium is located within), the Doctors fees (this only applies to cremations and does not apply if being cremated in Scotland) and the Celebrant / Minister fee (if you are having a service before or after the cremation or burial). If you are having a burial an average cost of £2,100 is usually required, but once again this cost varies depending on the location.