Coffins & Urns

You may be thinking about ways to make the funeral reflect the life of the person who has died and the choice of coffin and urn can help to achieve this. Traditionally, wooden coffins were used but increasingly people are opting for more contemporary choices. There is no legal requirement to use a coffin, however, public decency dictates that a body should be covered and alternatives to coffins (such as shrouds) are also available.

If you are not certain what type of coffin you would like, we can provide you with information on the different options, including:

  • Traditional wooden style coffins – There is a huge variety of different styles, colours and materials available to choose from and they range from very simple laminate options to more ornate solid wood coffins.
  • Wicker coffins – these can be made from a variety of different materials, such as bamboo, banana and willow. These can be natural or coloured (such as a white wicker coffin, or a bright rainbow wicker coffin) depending on your preference
  • Cardboard coffins – these can be plain or they can have bespoke designs – for example a picture coffin can be covered with photographs, skylines, flowers or football club logos. If you really want to create a unique coffin, you could have a plain cardboard coffin and have children, family and friends decorate it with pictures, messages and photographs
  • Wool coffins – these fabric coffins offer a softer and warmer alternative.  They are biodegradable and are suitable for any type of burial or cremation.
  • Shrouds – these can be plain or decorative, white or coloured. They can be anything from just a white cotton sheet, to beautifully hand stitched woollen felt supported on a greenwood pole frame.


We also have a variety of urns available to choose from, which range from the more traditional wooden urn to contemporary handmade bespoke designs:

  • Brass and metal urns – these can be of simple design or be more decorative
  • Wooden caskets – a traditional looking box-shaped option which you may choose to personalise
  • Scatter tubes – simply designed to hold cremated remains to enable you to scatter them in a location(s) or your choice. You can choose from a plain look or a more colourful design
  • Bios urn – provides a medium for the growth of a tree or plant when planted with the remains of your loved one
  • Water-soluble urn – can be in decorative shapes such as turtles or water-lilies. They are designed to be placed in water and will slowly dissolve leaving the cremated remains behind
  • Bio-degradable urn – can be placed or buried in natural environments and will slowly degrade leaving cremated remains behind
  • Keepsake urns – these are small, miniature urns that can hold some of the ashes. They are ideal to be used as decorative pieces to help remember your loved one and can be in any shape or form you can imagine