Cars and Alternative Travel

More people are now becoming aware of the different options available to make a funeral reflect the person who has died. Knowing what is possible means that you can identify choices that might be meaningful for you. For some people, the choice of funeral vehicle can be very important.


As well as the Full Circle Eco-Hearse, we also have a more traditional grey and black Jaguar hearse and limousine in our own fleet of cars. The Eco-Hearse is a 100% electric car which is an environmentally friendly choice, which people are increasingly using to indicate to future generations that they should consider making more environmentally aware choices.

The person who has died may have hobbies and interests that could be reflected in your choice of car. A vintage hearse for a classic car enthusiast, motorcycle hearse for a biker, pink hearse for someone who liked to make a statement or a Land Rover Discovery hearse for an adventurer are all available (along with many more).

If you would like to consider different ideas and understand all your options, Full Circle Funerals will work with you to find that special something.

Horse Drawn Hearses

The beautiful horse drawn hearses are certainly eye catching and can make a fitting tribute, especially if someone was a horse lover in life. Horses are specifically trained for this and are immaculate in their style and grace during a funeral.

Horses can be black or white and can be adorned in specific colours, which may represent a sports team or the a favourite colour of the person who has died.