Caring and Spending Time

Thinking about what will happen to a loved one’s body after they die can be something that people find it had to think about. Furthermore, deciding whether you would like to spend time with someone after they have died can be daunting.

We would suggest that you do what feels natural to you, and try not to be too influenced by what other people feel you should do. It is entirely possible that you may change your mind about what you want during the funeral planning process and there are very few decisions that need to be made instantly.

Collection and Care of the body

When you contact us, we will discuss with you what your wishes are in relation to the collection of the body. Whilst many opt for the person to be collected from home immediately, you may choose to have the person who has died to remain with you. Furthermore, you may wish for the body brought to Full Circle Funerals for cleaning and dressing, and then be returned to your home prior to the funeral service. Whatever you choose, we suggest you do contact us and we can provide support as you may need it.

You may wish for the person who has died to be dressed in their own clothing, in comfortable clothes, full suit or their favourite outfit. Alternatively you may wish for them to remain in the clothes they died in or we could provide a gown.

We believe it is important you know that you can be involved in washing and dressing your loved one before they are laid to rest, if it is what you want. Some people find this meaningful, especially if they were providing personal care for a loved one towards the end of their lives.

We also understand that there are some cultures where specific rituals must be honoured (maybe by specific members of the community or by a specific gender). Full Circle Funerals will facilitate, where possible, any cultural needs where they are made known.

There are a number of actions that can be taken to change the way a person looks after they have died. These range from applying make-up or positioning someone a certain way, to more invasive procedures such as embalming. We will not assume that you want us to intervene in any way, but will discuss the options available with you so that you can make a decision which is right for you and your loved one.


Sometimes seeing the person after they have died is very important to family and friends, but not everyone wishes to do this. If you, or family and friends, would like to spend time with the person we have private and peaceful viewing rooms where this is possible. If you would like a member of the Full Circle staff team to stay with you for support, this is something we are happy to do and you will not be rushed when viewing the body of the person.

If you choose to spend time with your loved one and would like to have a few personal effects in the viewing room or some music playing, please let us know and we will organise this for you.

Very occasionally viewing may not be recommended. This will be dependent upon the cause of death and any infectious diseases which may be present. We will discuss this with you at the earliest opportunity.

Full Circle Funerals request that you let us know when you wish to come to visit your loved one. We are also very happy to accommodate viewings outside of normal office hours (with notice).

Personal Items

If you would like to have personal items in the coffin with the person who has died, please advise us. This could be a letter, photograph, favourite teddy bear or anything that evokes memories or may provide comfort.

These items can either stay in the coffin when it is closed and taken for burial or cremation or can be returned to you to be taken home.